Mixed media. Wall pieces: acid-free cardboard, unfired porcelain and terra-cotta clays, crushed marble, bamboo ashes, calligraphy and Japanese sumi ink, beeswax. Sculptures: zinc or steel sheet metal with enamel and crushed marble; pit-fired clay with metal oxides; found metal objects with pit-fired clay and metal oxides.

Made of manipulated and layered archival materials, these works present themselves as artifacts with a history. Their intentional shapes, textures and patinas reference processes of time, destruction and decay, while blurring the lines between ancient and contemporary, organic and man-made.

My process involves degrading archival cardboard and paper through soaking, gluing, ripping and distressing, then building up successive layers of materials and patinas until the created sculptural form feels like a substantial, inhabited presence with a story to tell. Sculptures are similarly built up layers of texture and patina on distressed sheet metal forms, or “combines” of pit-fired clay with found metal objects.

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